"How Wi Start"

Translation: How We Started


Growing up in Jamaica, I have always wanted Jamaican cuisine to make a huge mark in the gastronomic world. My Family would often take trips to Portland the home of jerk; I knew that the flavor and the aroma were as infectious as reggae and our smile, I wanted to replicate that for people from everywhere to enjoy; I made every effort to get it right.

In 2009, after countless attempt, I got the right jerk seasoning formula, this jerk seasoning captured the aromas of my youth. 

Established in 2011, Island Bwoy Cuisine is the realization of my longtime dream. While a student at the Culinary Institute of America, I conceived the idea of making a sausage that embodied the essence of Jamaica. 

Now you can enjoy my jerk seasoning in the way you choose or through our sauce. 

At Island Bwoy Cuisine, we use our jerk seasoning to make not only jerk sausage but our jerk sauce, a product that can used to compliment or accompany dishes.

With encouragement and endorsements from believers, Island Bwoy Cuisine was able to market our products to high end super markets and restaurants.

We hope you enjoy our jerk sausages and keep coming back for more.